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Angus Steakhouse Leicester Square

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

So yesterday I went out for a lovely date night with one of my closest girlfriends. We visited a restaurant called Angus Steakhouse located in Leicester Square, London, UK.

Overall I liked the restaurant. It wasn’t one of the best London restaurants I’ve been to but the food was good and extremely filling.

I ordered The American as a starter because Lord knows how much I was truly starving. I hadn’t eaten a single thing all day because I wanted to save as much stomach space as possible for this dinner. For drinks, my friend and I both ordered Bailey’s salted caramel cocktail which I wasn’t the biggest fan of, so I had to wash it down with a coca-cola. My main course was chicken Alfredo with macaroni cheese as a side.

Jen’s Ratings & Reasons

Starter: The American – 8.5 /10

The starter was truly delicious, however, I felt that the potato skins were a bit overdone and the grilled corn would have been greater with some butter. I loved the BBQ Buffalo chicken wings and the BBQ pork ribs were divine. In my opinion, the starter was much better than my main.

Main: Chicken Alfredo – 6/10

The chicken alfredo I gave a 6 out of 10 because I felt that there were way too many potatoes and not enough chicken. I did love the white wine cream sauce that the chicken came with. I wouldn’t recommend this main dish because you’ll definitely get sick of the potatoes. The macaroni cheese I ordered as a side was tasty, a bit bland but I enjoyed it enough to finish it completely.

Final Thoughts

The restaurant had decent service. At times I felt that my friend and I had been forgotten about because we weren’t served until fifteen minutes after sitting down. But because we were so excited to see each other and catch up, we didn’t even really notice that we hadn’t been served yet until we noticed the table next to us had been served with food. To be fair, the restaurant was extremely busy and packed with people that we had to wait a few minutes for an available table.

Out of 10 overall, I would rate the restaurant an 8. It had a well-designed exterior and really clean bathrooms. I had a good time there despite my main not being the greatest. I spent £50.70 in total (bearing in mind I chose the starter for both my friend and I so I paid for it). It’s not an extremely pricey restaurant but if you plan to visit then just come prepared.

Until next time,

– Jen xo

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