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Yesterday in my readers group, I posted the release date for my next book and I stated how I wasn’t sure if dropping the date would be appropriate giving all that is happening in America right now with the protests. But as I said before, as a black woman myself, I understand the importance of black storytelling and black art to be constantly heard/read. And I understand that black people need to be able to take a breather from what is going on. My books give people happiness, so I won’t stop myself from releasing dates or work.

I also posted the following in my readers group:

#BlackLivesMatter - and always will matter. I am disgusted at the injustice that African Americans face in America constantly and honestly enough is enough.

Please check out these petitions below if you haven’t already:





And please look at the other ways that you can help support - even if you can’t go out and protest your voice can still be heard:


Despite being in the UK, I am still a black woman and although I don’t face the same injustices as African Americans do with the criminal “justice” system and police officers, I still understand it. And don’t feel like the UK doesn’t experience racism and police brutality because it definitely does. The UK isn’t innocent.




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