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Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Now look, this isn’t going to be a whole blog post about me bashing men and screaming about how all of them are trash because believe me, I’ve done enough of that this year. Seriously lol.

This is my last blog post of the year so I thought why not end it on #WhatJenThinks? Since I haven’t done one yet I thought why not?

When it comes to cheating, I’ve fully understood that both parties, male and female are just as bad as each other. Men cheat. Women cheat. Why? I’ll never fully understand or want to understand. But what I will say is this… when someone cheats the first time, don’t give them the opportunity to do it a second time by staying with them.

I think the dumbest excuse I’ve ever seen when it comes to cheating is, “What about the kids?”

What about them?

I’m sorry but staying in a relationship just for the sake of children is absolutely ridiculous. Staying in a relationship that has been broken and made tainted due to a partner stepping out on another partner is stupid. Your children don’t deserve to be in an environment that is now toxic and contaminated. Contaminated with lies and distrust.

And even if you don’t have kids with someone, staying in a marriage just for the sake of not wanting to ruin your bond, is bullshit. The minute your partner decided to step out on you and sleep with someone else was when your bond died. There is no bond. It’s over. They let it go so it’s only common sense that you let it go too.

Me personally, I would never give someone who cheated on me, a second chance. I don’t care how much time, history or love we have between us. Clearly all of that wasn’t enough to stop you from staying faithful to me so it won’t be enough for me to stay right by your side. Call me harsh, heartless or whatever else you want but I’m just intelligent enough to know that one you cross me once, you won’t ever be able to do it again.

I think the number one thing that I want all women to always realise is YOUR WORTH. Stop allowing yourself to be subjected to more hurt and pain by allowing men to take you for an absolute dickhead. Because by staying in situations where you’ve been cheated on time and time again, you’re allowing yourself to look dumb.

It’s easier said than done to actually get up and leave someone you love, but what shouldn’t be easier said than done is loving yourself. Love yourself enough to know that enough is enough. You shouldn’t constantly be going back and forth with your so called partner about cheating every single month. Your partner isn’t your partner anymore. He’s everyone he’s decided to mess around with partner.

Love yourself ladies! It’s the way forward.

– Jen xo


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