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Updated: Nov 24, 2019

So one thing about me that all my friends know is the fact that I’m a hugeeeeeeee concert head. I love going to concerts so much more than going to actual parties. To me, concerts are such worthy, exciting experiences in comparison to parties.

You’re probably wondering why I’m so obsessed with concerts but like I said earlier, concerts are such exciting experiences to me and they’re truly unforgettable. When I saw Beyoncé back in 2016 on her Formation World Tour, I cried a total of three times as I stood there and not only watched her perform but made eye contact with her two times. Being part of the VIP section allowed me this amazing opportunity!

I cherish every single concert I’ve been to and here’s a list of all the concerts and festivals I’ve been to:

Concerts & Festivals Jen’s been to in this lifetime so far…


1. Beyoncè: I am…World Tour ✅


1. The Game: The Documentary Tour ✅

1. Nicki Minaj & Trey Songz: The Pink Print Tour ✅


1. Beyoncè: The Formation World Tour ✅

2. Rihanna: ANTI World Tour ✅

3. Jeremih: Late Nights Tour ✅

4. Desiigner ✅


1. Rae Sremmurd: SremmLife II Tour ✅

2. Drake: Boy Meet Words x 2 shows ✅

3. Cardi B ✅

4. Lovebox Festival: Solange, Ray BLK, Kaytranda, Sampha ✅

6. Syd Da Kid: Redbull Music Event ✅

7. Goldlink: At What Cost Tour ✅


1. Jhené Aiko: Trip Tour  ✅

2. Kendrick Lamar: DAMN Tour ✅

3. H.E.R.  ✅

4. Jorja Smith ✅

5. Beyoncè OTR II ✅

This year I want to attend 10 concerts in one year. I’ve never managed to do it since I started going to concerts but I plan WILL do it this year. I’ve already got a few concerts book and lined up for this year:


1. Nicki Minaj x Future – March

2. The Internet – April

3. Anderson Pakk – April

4. Drake x 2 shows – April

5. Summer Walker - October

Without a doubt I know I’ll achieve my goal. I’m soooo excited about all my upcoming concerts and guess what? I’ll be reviewing every single one of them! Stay tuned.

- Jen xo

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