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Guess who saw Drake live in concert, TWICE?

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

So Drake came to London for his Assassination tour and since he was doing a total of seven shows, my friends and I knew we were always going to more than one show. Cause it’s Drakeeeeeeeee, so we thought why not spend our coins seeing that fine ass man perform more than once?

I went to his first show on the 1st of April and his last show on the 11th of April last month. This blog post is long overdue but I’ve just been so busy that I didn’t have the chance to write about the nights sooner and export some of my Snapchat videos.

But anyways, back to the concerts!

Drake performed well at both shows that I went to, but I will say that I definitely preferred the last show. The energy that night was absolutely amazing and I mostly definitely believe that it was because I had alcohol in my system which was very much needed!

He performed songs off his recent album Scorpion for both nights, which was okay but I got really excited when he took us all the way back down memory lane and performed songs off his old albums Take Care, Nothing Was The Same, More Life, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and Views. I truly had the time of my life performing songs just as loud as Drake was. He brought out a lot of artists, mostly UK ones but Future came out on night 1 and J Cole was brought out to close the show on night 2 which was a great surprise!

Quick breakdown of the nights:

• Venue: 02 Arena

• Rating for Night 1: 7/10

• Rating for Night 2: 9/10

• Duration: Just under 2 hours

As per usual I’ve attached videos from the concerts. Both night one and two videos are included.

– Jen xo



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