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I finally found a Seafood Boil restaurant in London!

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

I don’t think anyone understands how over the moon I currently am. I tried a seafood boil for the first time in my entire life yesterday night and baby when I tell you it was amazingggggg. I almost cried at how delicious the meal was.

I know seafood boil to be an American dish so I believed that the only way that I could try it was by getting on a flight to the US. However I was finally proved wrong and I’m glad I was!

So the restaurant was called The Fat Crab and despite the meal being absolutely amazing the only con was the size of the restaurant. It was so small! I was afraid my friend and I weren’t going to get a seat but thankfully we did.

The way the restaurant’s menu is set up, there are a few steps that you have to choose while ordering: your apetizer, then a main, sides to add to the bag, the flavour and the spice level you want. Now one thing I will say about this restaurant is that it wasn’t cheap. But the food was sooooo worth it! So I was willing to spend all my coins here.

Anyway what my friend and I decided to do was choose the ‘meals for two’ option and we got the fat lobster feast and a bottle of white wine. We also got prawns as an extra side. I chose the flavour cajun and the spice hot. It definitely was not hot enough for me though.

I honestly think this was the best seafood restaurant in London. (Not gonna lie… I think it’s the only one because I’ve not been able to find another restaurant that does seafood boil.) And the owners are going to personally know me by my name because I will be making regular trips to this place! Like seriously I will be here ALL the time. I love seafood so much… I think I love it more than I love chicken at this point. Plus seafood is much healthier than chicken.

Everything about the meal was amazing. The seafood was cooked thoroughly well and seasoned perfectly. I actually have no complaints. Like none and that’s a first.

Overall I rate this restaurant a 10/10 and I’m obsessed with it!

Until next time,

- Jen xo

P.S: Here’s my final bill. This includes what my friend and I got together. (Excuse the food stains lol!)

P.S.S: I’m still very much planning to get on a flight to the US because I know that trying a seafood boil from America is the authentic way to do things and I also know that no seafood boil will ever compare to the American one!!!

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