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J’adore Paris!

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

So on the 8th of December my best friend and I took the Eurostar to Paris. We stayed in Paris for four nights and I really have to say that this trip was absolutely amazing. It beat our Morocco summer 18 trip by far and I’m so glad that we decided to take this spontaneous trip for her birthday.

The number one thing that I wanted to make sure of on this trip was that we knew exactly what we were doing over the four days. I also wanted to make sure that my best friend had a good time because after all the purpose of us going away was for her birthday!

We had unintentionally decided to visit Paris at one of their most alarming times. On the previous weekend before our arrival, Parisians had been heavily protesting and rioting in the city centre. Finding this out didn’t deter my best friend and I from going though. One thing I’ve never lived my life on is fear and I don’t intend to start doing that now. And I’m so glad we didn’t allow fear to win because the riots weren’t even as bad as they had been sensationalised by the media. For starters, the riots had only been happening on a Saturday and by the time we had arrived, most of the streets were quiet. The only annoying thing was the constant police sirens racing towards the city centre where the rioters were. But the weekend that we had arrived, the riots weren’t as bad as they had been the previous weekend because most of the rioters had either been arrested or decided to stop rioting.

Thankfully our hotel wasn’t anywhere near the city centre, so we were fine. Trying to get an uber once we came out of the station was a real pain though because they were either taking too long to come and then would end up cancelling on us. The one uber we did manage to bag almost gave me a heart attack when he asked us, “Is your hotel in the city centre? Because if it is I’m not going anywhere near there. They’re setting cars on fire.”

But like I said before our hotel wasn’t in the city centre but not too far from it either so getting around Paris was a breeze. Nonetheless, the riots weren’t happening anywhere near us.

The hotel we stayed at was called the Hotel Meridional and honestly I have to say this was a really convenient hotel for us to stay at. It was on a one way street that led to a whole bunch of shops, cafes and the train station was a five minute walk away. The hotel was cute, the only downside was the small en-suite bathroom our room came with. So if you’re trying to have a big bathroom when you stay in Paris, I wouldn’t recommend this hotel. But other than that, the customer service was good and room service cleaned the rooms well.

La Trattoria Di Augustino

So we arrived in Paris at 7:47pm and took an uber to our hotel. It took us about fifteen minutes to settle in our hotel room and start unpacking some of our things. But because of our hunger we were eager to get out and explore the area around our hotel. Exploring led to us finding an Italian restaurant called La Trattoria Di Augustino that was a five minute walk away from our hotel.

I’m giving the restaurant a 5 out of 5 due to the great customer service that the manager provided us with and the fact that the food was delicious too! And it wasn’t overpriced at all. I ordered salmon whereas my best friend ordered steak and chips.

Norte Dame Cathedral & Champs-Élysées

My best friend and I were truly fascinated to be walking through the location of where the disney animated musical film The Hunchback of Norte Dame is set. It was really interesting to explore the cathedral and see all of it’s features.

The Champs- Élysées was one place that I was extremely excited to visit because I wanted to visit Sephora and of course the Gucci store! Unfortunately the UK don’t have a Sephora so I’d never been prior to going in Paris.

Le Narjisse – Sisha (Hookah) Bar

To bring my best friend’s birthday in we decided to head to a hookah bar where we drank and listened to music. Surprisingly, the Sisha bar played American music which I was ex

The Louvre Museum & Hard Rock café

Day three

I’ve seen a few museums in my lifetime but this one right here was stunning. One particular room that stood out to me was the room with gorgeous ceilings above. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them because they were just that amazing to me. The pictures I took do not do them justice at all!

For lunch, we went to the Hard Rock café which is well renowned restaurant and upon visiting the place, I learned that Rihanna had visited it before. I ordered a legendary burger with fries and Caesar salad whereas my best friend ordered a stack of ribs and fries. The food was really tasty and extremely filling. I didn’t get to finish my salad because of how full I was.

A Paris cruise by the Eiffel tower

Once we were finished on the cruise, we headed to a little area on the bridge that allowed us to take stunning pictures in front of the Eiffel tower and then we went back to our hotel.

Disney Land Paris

I decided to surprise my best friend with a trip to Disneyland Paris. She had no idea about it until the night we brought in her birthday and she opened up the gifts I had bought her. Disney Land Paris definitely has it perks but it’s much smaller than the Florida one and I definitely need to visit the one in Florida as I’ve never been. But nonetheless I had fun.

Paris was a spectacular place and I honestly didn’t want to leave! I definitely plan to visit again. I would absolutely recommend Paris to every single person I know. It truly is a wonderful destination and if you don’t want to spend too long in a particular city but still want to do a few things, Paris is definitely your place to go.

– Jen xo



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