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Jaiden x Sneak Peek (Unedited)


Two days had passed since I’d seen Dionne, and the emptiness I felt because I hadn’t laid eyes on her was… uncomfortable.

She’d left me in her office without a goodbye, a smile, or the chance to give her another hug. And now, as I sat in her office on my last day, all alone, I not only felt empty without her, but I also felt irritated that she thought it was cool not to see me on my final day.

Where the hell is she?

I knew I had no right to want her here with me when she had a whole company to run, but I didn’t care. She was the only person I wanted to see. Even with how pissed off I’d been because she’d left her office two days ago without saying goodbye to me, I was still desperate to see her.

I lifted my left wrist and glanced at the gold face of my Rolex.

3:45 p.m.

After today, my days working in Dionne’s office would be over. She knew that, and yet she hadn’t once graced me with the chance to see her face today.

I reached for my phone, which I had left on the coffee table in front of me, and unlocked it. I went to my messages and entered the chat with the contact named ‘Sugar Mama.’

My thumb quickly moved across my screen as I typed out my message to her.

You really not about to see me on my last day, Dionne? Are you serious right now? I’m hurt as fuck that you think it’s okay to keep your pretty ass away from me. Yesterday, I had to cope with not seeing or hearing from you. And let’s not forget you had the audacity to not say goodbye on Wednesday. That’s cold, and you know it, Dionne. All I wanna do is see you, and you’re not here. Got a nigga writing paragraphs and shit when I don’t even do this simp shit. Matter fact, I’m done with you not being with me right now. Get your ass to your office. Right now. I want you her…

I suddenly stopped typing and stared at my phone’s screen.

What the hell am I doing?

I repeatedly pressed the delete key, clearing my unsent message from the chat box.

Dionne wasn’t mine, yet I’d typed her a message that made it seem like she was mine. I sighed deeply, thinking about how crazy she had me feeling.

Rather than typing a different message to her, I locked my phone and tossed it to the empty couch space next to me. I spent the next hour looking over Dionne’s website and making sure I’d completed everything I needed to do with it.

I was proud of my work with her website, but I was even more proud of the secret page I’d created just for her. I just hoped it served as a reminder to her of how great she was and how much I cared about her. It was a damn shame that I wasn’t going to be able to tell her in person on my last day about how much I cared about her and how grateful I was to have worked at her company.

I glanced at my watch again.

4:45 p.m.

There were fifteen minutes until the end of the workday, and Dionne was still not here. The little hope I had of her showing up had faded, and I decided that I would send her one final text at 5 p.m. thanking her for giving me the opportunity to work on her website before saying goodbye. But the more I thought about sending her a text goodbye rather than being able to say it to her in person, the more my frustration built. 

I just want her here with me. Right now. Why isn’t she here? 

I stared into space, wondering why Dionne thought it was cool not to see me.

I thought about Wednesday.

Her walking into her office… Her cold tone… Her not greeting me and Cerah.

Cerah popping into my head made me remember how close she’d sat next to me, how hard she’d laughed at my jokes and how she’d touched my shoulde…


My eyes bulged as I remembered Dionne’s reaction to seeing Cerah and I in her office.

Shit. Shit. Shit!

I didn’t know why it’d taken me so long to realize why Dionne hadn’t said goodbye. I’d allowed my anger at what she’d done to distract me from why she’d stayed away from me since Wednesday. I’d let my anger make me oblivious to how Dionne felt seeing Cerah flirt with me.

How could I have been so stupid and not noticed that she was jealo—

The office door opened, interrupting my thoughts. I looked up, and my heart rate soared, seeing the woman who had dominated my mind all day. She walked into the room and gave me a small smile as she said, “Hey, Jaiden.”

She’s here.

The more I watched Dionne walk into her office, the more I remembered how bad I’d wanted this moment to happen. Her eyes quickly left mine, and she looked ahead at her white stone desk as she approached it.

“Look who finally decided to show up,” I announced coolly, closing my MacBook’s screen and lifting it off my leg. I placed my Mac on the coffee table opposite me then took off my glasses, placing them beside my Mac. “Why haven’t I seen you since Wednesday, Dionne?”

I knew I had no right to ask her that question, but I asked it anyway.

“I’ve been busy,” she replied in a low tone. She arrived at her desk and placed her goyard tote on it. “But I couldn’t let you go without saying goodbye.”

She pulled open her desk’s side drawer.

“I really appreciate all that you’ve done for my company…” She brought out a blue binder and placed it on her desk. “And I’ll forever be grateful for your hard work.”

She’d finished her sentence but was still looking down at her drawer, pulling out another folder. After dropping it on the desk, she pulled out a notebook and dropped it on the desk too.

Then she looked down at the items she’d placed on her desk and said, “Thank you for all your help. I’ll be sure to tell Holden how great you’ve done when I’m sending him your payment.”

“Look at me, Dionne,” I ordered.

Her eyes remained anchored to her desk, but she remained silent.

I rose to my feet and stared carefully at her. A white button-up shirt adorned her upper body, and a high-waisted, black pencil skirt covered her lower half. She looked professional and yet so damn sexy. Visions of me caressing her body through her clothes were all it took to make my third leg grow down below. I’d already felt my arousal form at the thought of her, but now that I was finally seeing her, the growth happening between my thighs was uncontrollable. And now, more than ever, I needed her to look at me.

“Dionne…” I walked away from her sofa. “Look at me.” Each step I took closer to her made a tingle run through me.

She still wasn’t looking at me, and her refusal brought discomfort to my heart.

“D… I need you to look at me.”

“I can’t,” she whispered once I made it on the opposite side of her desk.

She stepped back the second I walked around her desk, but that didn’t stop me from walking toward her.

“Jaiden, please…” Her eyes remained trained on the hardwood floor. “I can’t.”

“Why not?” I asked, stepping closer to her.

By now, I’d made it to the other side of her desk. She continued to step back toward the white wall where the pastel portrait of her and her father hung.

“I haven’t seen those pretty eyes all day,” I told her. “And now I’m finally seeing them, but you won’t even use them to look at me. What’s up with that, Sugar Mama?”

Her back hit the wall, and I was just a few steps away from her.

“Why won’t you look at me?”


“Answer me,” I demanded, inching closer to her. “Please, Pretty Baby.”

She released a deep sigh before whispering, “Because then you’ll see… how bad I want you.”



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