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I wasn't sure where to start with this one but I knew that I wanted to start. I also knew that it wouldn't be a long post because this situation has made me really emotional over the past couple days and even writing this brought tears running down my cheeks. But this post is something that I wanted to do and everything I say I'm gonna do in this life, I do. So here I go...

Life is truly so precious. I hate that it takes tragic moments like these to make everyone remember how precious life truly is but in all honesty we all need that wake up call. We all need that reminder that life is a gift not to be taken for granted at all.

I remember exactly what I was doing when I found out the news last Sunday. I was sitting in my room, logging onto my twitter app and scrolling through my timeline like I usually do when all of a sudden I started seeing people tweeting “Rest in peace Kobe.”

I swear my heart literally dropped when I saw his name. Granted, Miss Jen really isn’t the biggest basketball fan. To be completely honest with you, I’ve never sat down to watch a full NBA match in my life. Only highlight clips that I’ve seen on social media. But guess what? I most definitely knew who Kobe Bryant was despite not watching a single NBA match in full.

Everyone knew who Kobe was. Everyone knew how much of a legend he was. You didn’t even need to have seen him play to know that the man was extremely talented. A legend that man was! So when I saw that first tweet, indicating that he was dead, I refused to believe it. Like I literally refused to believe it. I honestly thought it was fake news or some kind of sick joke that some twitter trolls had decided to start. But the more tweets I started seeing and when news outlets started breaking the news (which was extremely disrespectful to his family by the way who hadn’t even received a call yet) I knew it was true.

My heart has been heavy for the past couple days since that tragic helicopter accident. I can’t even put into words the pain, shock and confusion I have felt. The same exact emotions I had when Nipsey died, a man I didn’t even know, are the same exact emotions I have now. I have mourned for a basketball legend, his beautiful thirteen year old daughter and all of those souls taken by the helicopter accident. May all their souls rest in perfect power and peace. This is truly a tragedy and the worst thing I have heard all year. And the year started twenty eight days ago.

It’s not fair the way death has a way of sucking people away from this world suddenly, not even giving them the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones. Not even giving them the opportunity to live to their fullest potential. But that’s just the way things are. Everyone dies. That’s unchangeable.

What's not unchangeable is the way we treat others. Showing people love and spreading postivity is something that I am a strong advocate for. Its times like these that you can truly see the positive impact that Kobe had on people's lives. People that didn't even truly know him (myself included), never met him a day in their life are all affected by his death. That right there tells you everything you need to know about that man - he was truly one of the greats. He was an inspiration for both youths and adults. And he truly will be missed.

When I found out that Kobe's thirteen year old daughter, GiGi, was on the helicopter with him, I completely broke down. Not just because of the fact that she was still a baby, an innocent little girl but because she had so much potential. She had already achieved so much in such a short frame of time and she still had so much more to give. She was going to carry on her father's legacy and change the WNBA forever. The one thing that is putting me at peace is the fact that her and her father transitioned together. And I just know, I just KNOW that Kobe protected her in those last few moments. He remained the man that she had always known him to be her entire life - her amazing dad.

We should all inspire to be like Kobe. Be great in everything that you put your mind to, work hard and push for nothing but greatness. Love your family, your friends and most importantly love yourself enough to want the best for yourself. Nobody else but you. You only get one shot at this thing called life. Just one. So why not strive for the best? That's the only thing you should be striving for in my opinion. Nothing else matters but being authentically you and living in your truth. Being the best you can be and striving to be better each day of your limited time here on earth.

My prayers are with Vanessa Bryant and her three remaining daughters. My prayers are also with the entire Bryant family, the Altobelli family, the Mauser family, the Chester family and the Zobayan family.


- Jen xo

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