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Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Yes, it’s about that time. I know you guys are probably sick and tired of my blog posts being about concerts for the last few weeks so I promise to keep this one sweet, concise and straight to the point.

I’ve broken a new record in my life. I’ve been to three concerts this entire month of March. The most I’ve done in my life is two concerts in one month so I’ve definitely made a new goal. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to do five concerts in one month. That’s definitely something I will accomplish, God willing.

On the 21st of March at the o2 Academy Brixton, I saw a band known as The Internet for the first time ever. This band right here are my favourite band, after Destiny’s Child. The band consists of five members, Syd the main vocalist, keyboardist Matt, bassist Patrick and guitarist Steve.

I’ve been fans of The Internet for a very long time. I can’t remember the exact year I fell in love with them but I know that I was fully obsessed with them around the time their second album, Feel Good, came out. I would describe The Internet’s genre as being a hybrid of hip hop, soul and R&B. Their sound is very unique and that’s what makes them so special. That’s why I fell in love with them.

Overall, the concert was EUPHORIC. That’s the one word I would use to describe my night. Not only did The Internet perform songs from their latest album, Hive Mind, they took it all the way back to their second album, Feel Good and a personal favourite of mine, their third album, Ego Death. Everything about Syd’s singing was amazing. She sounds exactly the same as she sounds on their albums. Not a single imperfection remains in her voice. She is an angel and of course my favourite person out of the group followed by Steve. That cutie!

As usual I’ve placed videos at the end of this post. PLEASE excuse my singing voice, I was going extra hard this night. Lol!

- Jen xo

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