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About Jen


Miss Jenesequa's bestselling novels are known for their powerful, convincing storylines. Each novel is filled with love, drama and passion. If you're eager and excited to read stories that are unique to any you've read before, then she's your woman.

​Born and raised in East London, UK, where she always dreamed of becoming successful at anything she put her mind to. In 2020, she obtained a first class honors degree in English with Creative Writing from Brunel University. Miss Jenesequa first began writing songs aged 7 and kept a private diary where she shared her intimate thoughts. In 2013, she began writing full length novels on Wattpad, an online platform where she decided to publish some of her work. The more she continued to notice how much people were enjoying her work, the more she continued to deliver. Her Wattpad fanbase enabled her to be exposed to the world of publishing through Amazon, Kindle Unlimited in 2015. In 2020, Miss Jenesequa decided to embark on a new path of indie publishing.

Miss Jenesequa describes writing as home. A comforting and secure home that she could never stop loving. Ever since she could pick up a pen, writing has been her passion and it will always have her heart till death do them part.

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