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Frequently Asked Questions


How did you create the pseudonym Miss Jenesequa?

My favorite French phrase has always been, ‘je ne sais quoi,’ meaning ‘I do not know what.’ I’ve always described myself as having a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to my identity. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of the phrase ‘je ne sais quoi’ means something (such as an appealing quality) that cannot be adequately described or expressed. I’m hard to describe because I’m a mixture of different personalities and emotions. I’m confident, I’m proud, I’m loud, but I’m shy, and I’m sometimes quiet. I have a certain je ne sais quoi, and I believe my stories do too. 

What is your writing motto?

Tales all about black women being loved in the best way!

All my stories feature black women because I’m a black woman myself, and I want to share stories that showcase black women living their best lives, being loved, admired, protected, having great sex, and yes, going through drama but coming out on top every single time. So ‘Tales all about black women being loved in the best way!’ is my motto if I had to choose one. Just know when you think of Miss Jenesequa’s stories, you’ll experience a beautiful tale of love through the lens of a black woman.


I want to start reading your books but I'm unsure which story to start with. Which book would you recommend?

I would recommend You're Mine: Chosen By A Miami King.

Where can I buy physical copies of your novels?

You can purchase paperbacks of my indie novels on Amazon.

Where can I find your reading group?

You can find my reading group, aka Jen's Tribe, here.

What is your advice for new authors?

My advice for new authors would be to never give up and always stay true to yourself. If you want to write a good story that no one has ever read, you must have the confidence to do so. No one can write the book for you. You’re the one who wants to bring a story to life, so you’re the person who must write it. Never give up, and always have faith in yourself. I believe in you, so you must believe in yourself, too. Don’t give up. Would I be as successful as I am today if I had decided to give up suddenly? No. Make sure you have a passion for writing and being an author, and you’re not just doing it for the funds. Trust me, the funds are nice but not worth it if you don’t have a passion for writing. Money follows passion and not the other way around.

Why are you a faceless author?

When I started writing, I didn’t see the need to put a profile picture of myself. I didn’t want to use my actual name because, quite honestly, I was afraid of what my family, friends, and people who knew me would think of my writing—worried that they wouldn’t like it or say that it was rubbish. So, I decided to start writing under a pseudonym, and to this day, it’s just stuck with me.


What made you start writing stories/novels?

I always received compliments from my teachers in Primary School (Elementary School) on my written work. I always enjoyed writing in my free time because my life sometimes seemed so boring. Writing kept me busy, entertained, and motivated. 

When you’re not Miss Jenesequa, who are you?

I’m a regular Black British woman from East London, working and grinding her butt off to achieve a level of happiness and peace. I’m spending time with my family & friends and living through this crazy experience called life. I’m thanking God for my blessings, my health, and my talents. And, of course, I’m always striving for better, completing goals and creating new ones.

Do you free-write or outline?

A bit of both. When I first started, I mostly free-wrote, but now that I’ve been writing for quite some time, I tend to outline my stories (with the occasional freewriting), just so I can picture my entire storyline from the beginning to the end. I need to know how I will end my stories because if I don’t know, then I feel incomplete.

How do you come up with all these storylines?

My wild imagination has helped me come up with my storylines. Social media, music, films, books and some of my own life experiences all play a huge part in helping me come up with my storylines, too. 

Will you publish books forever?

I aim to have 100 published books on Amazon, and I’m determined to achieve that goal. I have other life projects on my mind, so publishing won’t be a forever thing for me. 

How long have you been writing?

I started writing novels on Wattpad in 2013 and was first published in 2015. However, I initially started writing poems and songs at the age of 7.

Do you ever run out of ideas?

Sometimes, yes but I always bounce back. I’m blessed to have such an imaginative mind, and as long as I keep having ideas, I’ll keep writing stories.

What motivates you to write?

Me, myself, and me. My readers do play a part, but I have to be honest: I write for myself. If Miss Jen isn’t feeling it, then Miss Jen won’t write it.

Can I see your official book catalog?

Sure! It's available here.

Where can I find the entire series of The Purest Love For The Coldest Thug? 

You can find The Purest Love For The Coldest Thug: The Complete Series here.

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