Miss Jenesequa is a best-selling African-American Romance novelist specializing in Urban Fiction & Women’s Fiction Romance. Her best-known works are ‘The Purest Love for The Coldest Thug’, ‘My Hood King Gave Me A Love Like No Other’ and ‘The Thug That Secured Her Heart’ which all debuted at #1 on the Amazon Women’s Fiction bestseller list. All her published novels are amazon bestsellers and have all debuted high on Amazon’s Women’s Fiction and Urban Fiction bestsellers list.


Born and raised in London, UK where she always dreamed of becoming successful at anything she put her mind to. Jenesequa first began writing songs aged 7 and kept a private diary where she shared her intimate thoughts. In 2013, she began writing full length novels on Wattpad, an online platform where she decided to publish some of her work. The more she continued to notice how much people were enjoying her work, the more she continued to deliver. Her amazing fanbase enabled her to be exposed to the world of publishing through Amazon, Kindle Unlimited in 2015. In 2020, Miss Jenesequa decided to embark on a new path of self-publishing.


Her novels are known for their powerful, convincing story lines and of course filled with black love, drama and passion. If you’re eager and excited to read stories that are unique to any you’ve read before, then she’s your woman. One major goal that Miss Jen has always had whilst writing is to make sure that her stories make her readers feel good. And she continues to deliver powerful pieces time after time that are filled with nothing but enjoyment. If it wasn’t for writing Miss Jen honestly doesn’t think she would be able to live her life to the fullest. Writing is everything to her. It keeps her busy. It makes her happy. It makes her feel loved. She describes writing as home. Because whenever she does it, it feels so comforting and secure. It comes naturally too. She doesn’t need to force writing as it just flows through her entire soul and gives her so much authority and happiness. Ever since she could pick up a pen, writing has been her passion. A passion that she loves dearly and won’t stop loving.


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